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Let me start off by saying this is not your ordinary Links Page. It is just for a select few people who have either helped me in my career, had a great influence on my career or who are just such good people that they deserve it:) J K

Well I don't know where to begin talking about Ernest Tubb, he will always be Mr. Tubb to me. When I first went to Nashville with big dreams, and a big head to match, he was the one who took it upon himself to reach out to help me. His Son Justin and I quickly became friends and Ernest treated us both the same. If he bought Justin a candy bar I got one too:) I was amazed that this superstar had remained ever so humble and willing to help a young guy like me. It left a lasting impression on me as an entertainer and even more importantly as a person.
Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree

Ricky Lee Phelps who will always be associated with The Kentucky Headhunters due to their outstanding success. However he is an great singer/songwriter in his own right. His life story is very similiar to mine as we both started out singing gospel music in church. The big difference is I don't have any Grammys:) He is one of the good guys in the business so if you get a chance to see him live do it. I am King of Cheap and I paid $30 myself to see him and brother Doug as Brother Phelps. He is also my cousin by marriage :) Checkout his CD; SIGNS OF THE TIMES
Ricky Lee Phelps

Most hard core country fans know Jerry Mac. He has been involved in the country music business in one way or the other ever since I can recall and I'm not exactly a teenager myself:) A talented singer & songwriter he might be even better known for his work in country radio. He is a true country music icon who supports me in every way and I am proud to call him Friend. He does a lot to help the newcomers so be sure and checkout his site and show him that you care.
Country Music Planet

Jimmy & Lorraine Smart, known as JLS Productions, have been helping new upcoming artists for years. Their TV show called Nashville Video Showcase features these new artists as well as videos of some of country musics greatest names. Jimmy is quite an entertainer in his own right having charted many singles and even appearances on The Grand Ole Opry.
Nashville Video Showcase

You can view many more of J. K. Coltrains friends at My Space by; CLICKING HERE

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